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Naturally The Best™
Amaçari is a new supplement made from 100% Camu Camu, the Amazon’s most potent
superfruit. This miraculous berry is loaded with anti-oxidants that fight inflammation
and aging while enhancing your energy and focus. Try Amaçari risk free today.

Amaçari Superfruit

Amacari Bottle Camu Camu Fruit
Jennifer P.

"Amacari helped me heal from the inside out."

I first discovered Amaçari's tremendous anti-inflammatory properties after a serious back injury, followed by a flare up in an existing autoimmune ... — Jennifer P.

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Tamera F.

"My quality of life will
forever be improved."

Approximately 2 years ago a dear friend introduced me to Camu Camu. At the time, I was experiencing afternoon bouts of fatigue, extreme urges ... — Tamara F.

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Tiger Shark B-Co.

"We start every day with
our pink pills."

Amaςari has helped us through our back and knee problems that come hand in hand with combat aviation missions and has allowed us to push ... — Tiger Shark B-Co.

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Beuchel Family

"My kids have never been healthier!"

After 10 years of taking Camu Camu I have tried every last product on the market. There is nothing that comes close to the taste and ... — Beuchel Family.

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Fritz N.

"I noticed an increase in energy and a considerable reduction in my pain."

I was recently hospitalized for a "Strep B" infection I contracted during a routine medical ... — Fritz N.

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Doug M.

"No more chemicals for
my inflammation!"

The position I have to be in as a horse farrier has made for big hip pain and was doing damage to my golf swing. As a trainer, farm owner, farrier ... — Doug M.

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Main Benefits of Amaçari

  • Increased immune function
  • Fights oxidative damage and the signs of aging
  • Potent antioxidants that protect cells from free radicals
  • Offers joint support with significant levels of betulinic acid
  • Increased energy, balanced mood and mental clarity

Main Benefits of Amaçari Moisturizing Serum

  • Targets fine lines & sun-damaged skin
  • Retains moisture for a radiant, more youthful complexion
  • Vitamin-enriched organic formula
  • Lovely natural aroma from infused Camu Camu
  • Paraben, dye & and petroleum free

Naturally — The Best Energy + Focus

Amaçari’s natural energy boost is derived from the astounding levels of Vitamin C and other nutrients in this remarkable little superfruit we harvest from the Amazon Rainforest. The antioxidants in Amaçari, which have extraordinary ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity), boost energy and ...

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Naturally — The Best Vitamin C

With the highest level of natural vitamin C of any known plant, this nutrient-rich berry has been scientifically proven to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-aging properties that help keep you healthy, focused, and full of vitality. Amaçari uses a proprietary process for ...

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Naturally — The Best Anti-Inflammatory

This superfruit has the highest naturally occurring concentration of Vitamin C of any known plant, and when coupled with the berry’s other chemical compounds and phytonutrients, together they provide a range of anti-inflammation and anti-aging benefits. Scientific testing has shown that ...

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Naturally — The Best Antioxidant

Deep within the Amazon Rainforest grows a small fruit known as camu-camu or "caçari" (kuh·SAR·ee). This little berry contains the highest known concentration of Vitamin C and is packed with antioxidants. And now there’s a new supplement called Amaçari that is made from 100% wildcrafted ...

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Naturally — The Best Anti-Aging

Amaçari is the new anti-aging supplement that has shown effectiveness in protecting cells against oxidation, inflammation, and UV damage. Compared to popular superfoods like Acai berry, blueberries, cashews, oranges, and apples, Amaçari has ...

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Amaçari — for a better, healthier you

Camu Camu Fruit

Start Feeling Amazon Strong Today

Amazon Origins has been a pioneer in sustainable agriculture in the Amazon River Basin for more than 20 years.

Our Amaçari is made from only the finest wildcrafted Caçari that’s been harvested by the indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest. Our patented process then captures the highest essence of the whole fruit under the most exacting standards into a highly concentrated powder without any fillers or elemental compounds for maximum potency.

What you get is an all-natural supplement made from the Amazon’s most nutrient rich superfruit that will help you feel your best naturally.

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As a professional physical fitness trainer, I am always seeking the very best products for myself and to recommend to my clients and professional athletes. I have noticed a tremendous increase in energy since starting Amaçari.

Testimonial — Mak T.

Sustainably releasing the
riches of the Amazon opens
a world of possibilities