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Amaçari Testimonials


Jennifer P.

"Amaçari helped me heal from the inside out."

"Amaçari helped me heal."

I first discovered Amaçari's tremendous anti-inflammatory properties after a serious back injury, followed by a flare up in an existing autoimmune disease I had been battling for years. Not only was I unable to participate in my favorite sports like tennis, golf and cycling, I struggled to get through most days without debilitating pain and fatigue. I embraced an anti-inflammatory diet and consequently, incorporated Amaçari into my daily regimen. Almost immediately I noticed differences. First, despite my poor health when I began taking Amaçari, I was constantly surrounded by people who were sick with colds and flus, yet I never became ill. A short time later I started noticing an increase in my energy level and I began to feel many of my symptoms subside. After a period of time, I was able to resume my normal activities and began working out again with surprisingly quick recoveries between workouts. I whole heartily believe that Amaçari helped me heal from the inside out and I plan to tell every person I know how amazing this product is.

— Jennifer P.

Having only taken your Amaçari capsules for 5 days (4 per day), I am experiencing the following: Noticeable inflammatory reduction in my hands, boosted energy level, and clearer thinking. I’m throwing my vitamins away!

— Rob K.

"My quality of life will forever be improved."

Approximately 2 years ago a dear friend introduced me to Camu Camu. At the time, I was experiencing afternoon bouts of fatigue, extreme urges to eat sweets, irritability and overall lack of energy. My frustration grew as I was unable to exercise at the intensity level I was accustomed to. After taking Amaςari for 3 weeks my symptoms almost completely disappeared. I have sustaining energy all day long, and I sleep uninterrupted throughout the night. My sweet tooth is gone with the exception of an occasional chocolate Dove bar. By far the most noticeable change in my overall well-being is the effect Amaςari has had on my Menopause symptoms. The only change I’ve made in my daily regime is religiously taking 2 capsules first thing in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening. Being committed to an incredible, healthy, natural vitamin source such as the Camu berry sincerely helps motivate me to clean up the rest of my lifestyle and dietary choices. I can whole-heartedly say that since taking Amaςari and becoming aware of its healthy nutritional properties, my quality of life will forever be improved.

— Tamara F.

Tamara F.

I have been using Amaçari for about 4 weeks, taking 2,000 mgs. per day. After the first 10 days, I noticed an increase in energy. I have continued to take it daily to support my immune system and daily energy. I personally feel this product has done a tremendous job at reducing my stress and increasing my energy while helping me sleep better at night.

— Brooke M.

Tiger Shark B-Co.

"We start every day with our pink pills."

Amaçari has helped us through our back and knee problems that come hand in hand with combat aviation missions and has allowed us to push though each day with less pain. We have also found that our attitudes and stress levels have dropped off significantly since we started using Amaçari. We start every day with our pink pills. It is always good to know we have the support of the people back home.

— Tiger Shark B-Co.

As a professional physical fitness trainer, I am always seeking the very best products for myself and to recommend to my clients and professional athletes. I have noticed a tremendous increase in energy since starting Amaçari.

— Mak T.

"My kids have never been healthier!"

After 10 years of taking Camu Camu I have tried every last product on the market. There is nothing that comes close to the taste and quality of Amaςari. I have a degree in nutrition and microbiology, so I look closely to what is out on the market. Camu is an amazing berry that not only has a healthy dose of vitamin C but also has extraordinary antioxidant properties. My whole family likes it and believe it or not my kids actually ask for it. We have been taking it religiously for 2 years now. My kids have never been healthier!

— Beuchel Family.

Beuchel Family

Everything we ingest these days is so processed and artificial; this includes most of our daily supplements. I decided to try Amaçari while looking for a natural source of vitamins, without having to eat the whole produce section of the grocery store. I feel good knowing that my immune system is properly supported and the extra kick of energy is not a bad thing either!

— Ben W.

Fritz N.

"I noticed an increase in energy and a considerable reduction in my pain."

I was recently hospitalized for a "Strep B" infection I contracted during a routine medical procedure. Going undetected, the infection spread so quickly that within 3 weeks it became life-threatening. I had developed an abscess on my lower spine which needed to be removed surgically. I lost 20 pounds and was too weak to walk on my own. Being a professional tennis coach for 30 years, I feared not being able to teach again. I was turned on to Amaçari by a good friend who encouraged me to take 5-8 capsules a day for 2 weeks to help reduce inflammation and restore my immune system. After nearly 10 days I noticed an increase in energy and a considerable reduction in my pain. Not only has my attitude improved, I can now return to the courts. Advantage Amaçari!

— Fritz N.

I love how Amaçari’s capsules are filled with pink powder! I can smell and taste the fruit instead of taking a mystery brown capsule.

— Amy T.

"No more chemicals for my inflammation!"

The position I have to be in as a horse farrier has made for big hip pain and was doing damage to my golf swing. As a trainer, farm owner, farrier and avid golfer, I was experiencing more pain, loss of energy and a bit of focus. My golfing buddy told me about Amaçari and how it has the purest form of Camu Camu on the market. He told me how the naturally harvested berry from the Amazon contains the highest natural vitamin c of any plant in the kingdom. What caught my attention, being an aging boomer was how its other natural nutrients and antioxidants help with issues surrounding inflammation, immune function, energy and memory. So, I started taking three Amaçari capsules at 3:00 am every morning. Within the first week I felt more alert and energetic. Within a month the pain in my hips had subsided and my golf swing had improved tremendously. In fact, the other day, one of my customers remarked that I had a little more life in my step. No more chemicals for my inflammation!

— Doug M.

Doug M.

Just wanted to let you know that I am feeling a bit more energized and upbeat after a week of taking The Amaçari. I ordered 2 more bottles of Amaçari from the website last night!

— Cathy S..