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Naturally The Best Anti-Inflammatory

Best Anti-Inflammatory

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This superfruit has the highest naturally occurring concentration of Vitamin C of any known plant, and when coupled with the berry’s other chemical compounds and phytonutrients, together they provide a range of anti-inflammation and anti-aging benefits.

Scientific testing has shown that our Camu berries have an extraordinarily high Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity (ORAC), which helps strengthen your immune system and prevent inflammation, cell damage, and possibly disease. Because we process whole fruit (skin, fruit pulp, & seed), Amaçari is superior to other products on the market. The seed of the Camu berry has been found to possess a potent anti-inflammatory triterpenoid, betulinic acid, which is not found in the fruit pulp alone.

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Having only taken your Amaçari capsules for 5 days (4 per day), I am experiencing the following: Noticeable inflammatory reduction in my hands, boosted energy level, and clearer thinking. I’m throwing my vitamins away!

Testimonial — Rob K.