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Amaçari is the new anti-aging supplement that has shown effectiveness in protecting cells against oxidation, inflammation, and UV damage. Compared to popular superfoods like Acai berry, blueberries, cashews, oranges, and apples, Amaçari has a far superior ability to shield the body from peroxynitrite and peroxyl free radicals that can speed the aging process. It is also believed to have positive effects on memory and brain function.

In order to maximize the nutritional potency of the superfruit, Amaçari's 100% CamuPure™ uses only wildcrafted berries sustainably harvested from the Amazon at the peak of their ripeness. They are then turned to powder using a proprietary process that utilizes the whole fruit without any additional additives, fillers, or preservatives, making the Amaçari supplement a superior natural anti-aging remedy.

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I have been using Amaçari for about 4 weeks, taking 2,000 mgs. per day. After the first 10 days, I noticed an increase in energy. I have continued to take it daily to support my immune system and daily energy. I personally feel this product has done a tremendous job at reducing my stress and increasing my energy while helping me sleep better at night.

Testimonial — Brooke M.